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Enterprise DDoS Protection Flow

DDoS protection up to 500Gbps

Basic Protection - Free

We offer free DDoS protection system for all of our clients. It can cover tiny DDoS attacks. All small attacks are detected by our automated system. We will solve it by manually. If it is a largest attack, we will disable your IP temporally.

Enterprise DDoS Protection

If you're getting frequent attacks, we will advise you to purchase our enterprise protection package. Its consists of three security layers, and we protect you from attacks up to 500Gbps and unlimited packets per second. This service is available to all of our Dedicated Server customers, and we will charge $ 35 per IP address. If you like to upgrade it, please contact our sales people as soon as possible.

In additionally, we will cover below mention common attacks too. Layer 7 attacks ACK attacks SMURF attacks Layer 3/4 attacks DNS amplification attacks Making DoS a thing of the past

Unmetered Incoming Bandwidth

Filtering of Common Attacks

Protection up to 500Gbps

Enterprise Only

Triple Layer Protection

Enterprise Only

Heuristic (learning) Detection

Enterprise Only

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